After the wedding

After the wedding



It was all a dream

Looking fingures just like licking ice cream

A free heart majors excitment

Smile is written on her face for this moment,

Only God can tell these two lovers are mad for one another,

Just like we always promise to stay together,

Even if it too late I just call home that all they don’t hate,

That brings hopes to the house wife,

She’s expecting a gradually to her life.


What happened after the wedding?

Does he still call home if he’s gona run late?

Does he brings her breakfast in bed?

Here is my story deeply hurt I’m sorry

Reclaiming my father’s glory,

They been engage for few months

The man not seems to further talks

Inside him feeling pain nails and folks.

 He comes home late 

Even the bride now assume he’s cheating,

Yes he’s cheating with ideas now 

Ideas versus evil part scene 

As he can see those who have devorced he keeps imagining.

On the kitchen the bride is cooking and singing,


What happens after the wedding?

Friends seems to come first a wife comes last,

But when dark occurs she seems to be a comforter,

His two friends both were married before

Now he seems be not sure,

He’s the one who suppose to bring the marriage in secure,

But he is willing to score

Only friends seems to defend

Each words they say that offends and he smile pretends


Really what happens after the wedding?

Here is truth the friends seems to lie

And I followed my mind forgeting that it also got a friendship with my heart,

See now who I hurt, myself there’s no more jokes,

I believed them and called off the wedding,

3years later just found that they are part of haters,

There’s no more words to say to her

She is now belong to someone else

Does that mean I don’t need no one else


Later on just found a invitation card

Yes,I wasn home so they puted it on post box.

The one I doubted is the one who’s getting married,

On the other hand looking for her back seems to be worried,

But it was too late to make a call

It was an insuffitient for me to make a call,

Now I’ve to stand tall that all

This is what happens after the engagement,

Now I just learned a lesson don’t doubt

Forget what happens after the wedding

Stay hoping and planning

Friends can drive you home

But they will never drive you to your destiny,

This what happens after the wedding


DaSoulstriker ®


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