Standing in front the mirror

Trying to see the error

But it only God who made me

I didn made me

Yes I am me because of him

My heart beats on a rythm

My blood flow to each and every vein

Than he must be so wonderful

The day he created me he was sure of himself in living in me


I am the mirror 

Where he looks himself but find no error,

The prouder I become the lesser I demand,

Each time I call upon him

He don’t resist any of me

Even I’ve sin under his roof

Loving me more he still lay on proof,

Abonden evils for his law.

All I wanted was to follow

And do it as my fellow


I am the glass

Inside me there’s a water called soul 

I am a tree

And he comes as a soil

Self image in the mirror


Yet I’ve sin but I have not kill

I am the genesis

Because I am the beginning of all

Call me a revilation

Yet I reveal truths about unseen

Let them being seen 

By those who to claim to be well but still sin


I am a full book

In the mirror you can find a good look

When ever life pull you like a tricker,

Make sure you don’t shoot

Go down on your knees and report the case

Write a statement that docket will never miss,

They can rate you as zero below,

But he rates you as full percent

Nothing falls absent


I am the mirror

Singing this verse just like David

Well not forgeting that he’s my sheppard,

He provide me sweet colours like leopard,

Not to attract but to correct.

That reminds me when he said 

He loves the sinners as those who can provide a way,

Make sure on your wrongs you learn.

I am the mirror

The glass of heaven

The greener grass from heaven


I am the water

Where angels come and sip

Every angel come and take a bath

I am the mirror where he sees himself

I am wings

That provide angels to fly

Wiping tears to those who cry

I am the water

I am the mirror

I am what God sees worthy

That why I am alive

When ever life throws stone into you build a foundation.

Don’t throw them back by actions.

A towel is lite to be thrown away.






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