Music of love

Music of love


When I get on top of you

There’s a music in a background

Playing on the other side of us,


Telling us to focus

Feeling busy drive us

Like a hyster you lift me up

And touch me like a steering to control my thoughts

Feeling like shaking hands with the man in heaven but it hav’nt


You drink me like an alcohol and find yourself drunk by love making,

I touch you like a sexophone

Play you like a keyboard

As you make that sound of music on my ear.    

Coming close to your heart and let it be the earphone

Just like a caller I hear you calling

Saying my name and my surname on the above

Love love love


I can see you been starving

The way you holding me as we kissing

U’ve got some nerves to tell me that I am a man

And my hands are attouched waiting for an amen

Just like it was a first time but I can see you’ve fallen

The music we make as we make love


As I shake you like trampolin

And you make a sweet sound 

That gatheres white clouds

The sky promise falling

But it all on my back the music is all I get

I played you in a sunshine

Find myself sweating like a garden man

As I perform in this bed as a stage 

Makes it own sound that clears to anyone who wanna become an audience

I played you non-stop just like an autotape stereo,

Where I change sides


Only the music I made,such we made

That mades us fall in love with music

Ne-Yo can be so sick of love songs

But I’ll play you like a love song

And let you sing those summer birds songs

Ding dong sing song

Clear stage turn no page

Lock the cage

This is the only chapter

The music




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