He’s inlove with the two of us



These are the words my sister used to say

He’s inlove with both of us

I couldn’t stand of any of them

Knowing very well the boy is mine

She was all over me

Remembering that we shared the same breast milk,

But now finding myself sharing a man with her,was beyond control


He’s inlove with the two of us

Couldn’t believe that all I wanted was the man to be mine,

How could my sister betray me like this

Each time we sat on the table as family

I felt like taking a knife and kill her instantly

Not forgetting that she’s my sister,

At home now we’re separated by ations

My sister dated thugs 

Who never hated drugs


He’s inlove with the two of us

That’s her response when ever we fought

Till the day I lost my thoughts

We were fighting in the kitchen 

She found me singing 

And couldn’t stop talking

the same knife I had washing dishes

Just took it and stabbed five holes close to the heart,

hoping that if she bleeds closer to her heart love will leak also.


Today I’m in prison serving my third year

I was given a life sentence

And this is the only life I live in prison

killing my sister,reason being the man

After he heard I had killed my sister 

He took a rope and hung himself

Now It’s obvious he was never in love with the two of us,

But in love with my late sister

All I’m saying here now, I wish I knew.

I felt like love was something brand new

But it wasn’t for me and it’s all over now


So I asked you DaSoulstriker to come here

For me to explain this to my parents

They don’t even come and see me

All they saying I must die if I die

The sister I killed wasn’t my dads 

And after I found that all

Thought she knew we were not of the same father

Her father killed my father

After finding out he impregnated my mother

I wish I could confess but there’s no progress

Deeply hurt can’t find success


My mother didn’t tell her

Her father didn’t tell me

That he killed the only father I had

My mom couldn’t confess 

I am my moms last born

I plead Soul,ask her to come here

Got another confession to make with her

Before I die here,

I wish I knew that he wasn’t in love with both of us

It’s too late now everybody seems to hate me


He’s in love with two of us that what my sister used to say

That’s why I killed her

(To be Continued)




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