Hurtress deep inside me
Becoming a slave of tears,
Body shaking because of fears
This spirit of liquid has turned him a slave,
He even misbehave
The following day he promise to leave
Leaving the liquor
That tearing my heart

See myself dressed like a streetkid
Knowing verywell that I got someone
Who I call father
Even my mother passed away
It seems like he wanted to chase the pain away.
Not forgetting that he used to be a pastor.
But today he is stuck on liquor

This spirit makes him to fight after
Not realising he is drunk after,
Bringing bread at home seems to be a rock on a bag,
The harder we try the more we cry.
I’ve decided to go my own path
Not forgeting the only five years sister
I have droped my matric to make ends meet
Each day and night to the Lord my prayers I submit.

You’ve lost job
More than loosing that small hope
The tent has been blown by the wind
This our bread I always give you that rewind,
I am the only man here that you remind.
Liquor turned you an anonymous caller
You don’t have word to those who live close to you.

If it wasn all the liquor I should have not lost
This sores in my heart I pray to God to rap them with a bandish,
To see you sipping on that colourless bottle,
Smere off that where my thoughts gets off.
I wish
I wish my wish
To switch that throught switch
Really I wish.

My education is lefted in the tar
While I’m traveling the gravel
No future to travel
No pages as I write my future novel
Troubles surrounded me in a rondervel
Fear bottle sip in your water
And let my education proceed
Liquor is not on my future



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