Scary to love again

Scary to love again


I am not an opportunitist 

Yes I am love habit, 

I always fail to catch the bus 

But each time is sing this chorus 

Scary to love again 

When my hands are tight hoping to do it, 

I can’t confirm it and take it, 


Limitation of thoughts are based on scary moment, 

Which leaves me with a silence. 

Having no time to take a chance 

I wish I could but I should yet I’m alone 

Follow someone I feel like I am no one. 

Scary to love again 


My heart is rapped with a bandish. 

Each time they passed I shout eish 

Feel like I could hide myself in water as a fish 

Touch me again with that hand 

But a different heart 

That is not willing to hurt 

In my life just take a part 

Because I am scared to love again. 

Not promising to not loving 

Yet scared to sing love song 


Scared to love again 

Hold my hand read me that verse in bible 

With your tune and be humble 

Make a sweet sounds that can chase my scary

Touch like your cellphone blackberry. 

Bring me the light with that torche 

Hold me like that phone holded by pouch. 



Yes oh yes 

Now my fear have been chased away 

Now can we fly away 

Just like love birds dressed in white 

Your gawn touching the floor 

Promising today and tomorrow 

As my soul has been wiped and freed my sorrow. 


I am nolonger scared to love you 




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