How do I forget you?


This is a question I been asking myself after you said it over,

Yes,all I can say u’ve just remove this history book cover,

The things been hectic long journey but full of traffic,

But we didn over take yes over take things coz we may be earlier fell,

Now tell me.

How do I forget you?


How do I say goodbye when I know this only goodtimes,

If loving you was a crime than dial 5 digits and let me be the prisoner,

But I asure I’m goin to learn the number not 26 neither 28 but only the percent of how much I love you,

I am a human I made mistakes for risk takes,

Just like a man I missed the takes

But for choosing you I’m not in regrets but I only regret the past that has pass over,

But it made you says it over.

How do I



Tell me how and when I should

But but but,

I am not promising to do


How do I forget you?

Tell me what I’m gona tell him when he asks me if I’m taking him home

Tell me

Tell me

Tell him the truth?

Is it gona reap the fruit?

I know he’s gona ask me and I asure you he’ll remember he’s taking my shoes if so he’s gona be curious

Just like I am right now as writting this poem


How do I forget you?

Tell me 

Remember when I first saw I renamed you as my Eva bcos I knew I was eventually your Adam,

But quite sure that we not gona commit sin,

Did we?

No we didn

Did we?

I guess we’re commiting for letting Devil remove the cover of our past and made you loose your trust,


I’m sorry as writting this poem I’m carrying a rope to commit sin,



Only Devil who calls in a louder voice but I promise you we’ll make to paradise,

The moment the sunrise I’ll be no longer alive,

You may kiss the yesterday but tomorrow belongs to us,

I love you

Yes I do

Tell you before I do


How do I forget you?




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