Cold nights



If I could just hide into the grave

For this moment I wanna hide

I don’t wanna feel this way

As if I could go away

My heart bumps slowly

Heaviest of my bag too late to beg

Here I confess in the cold nigh


She used rub my shoulder’s

Yet the broken arrows can’t lead

My eyes are blind can’t read

Bold font still rainy eyes

On this coldest night freeze like ice

We all know the train needs to driver’s

In this one just lost the 2nd driver

I tried to speak but could n wet the paper with saliva,


Cold nights without the blankets

The eyes of the cat that can’t see in the dark,

Why I did n see it coming

Alone in the side of the road just like a faulty car,

Trying to chase her over freeway but she’s to far.

I wish I could find a heart to rap my heart with bandish

Loss of signal just like a satellite dish

Crying out loud eishhh


Cold nights come home mama

I know you sick and tired of me and my drama.

A story without a character is useless

I know I became so careless

Finding your position so worthless

Such as no soccer substitution

Into your position come for your action

I been searching for desire inside me

Just find the light so deam

Nobody to blame


Cold nights in the top of towers 

The garden without flower’s

I know your tears was one of the bathroom showers

My shoulder to be towel

I promise there’s no more that

I’ll not act like that when Tyrese ask

I feel like I should remove this mask to fulfill this task.

Let make it again mama,cold nights against my wall.

Don’t even know who to call

I need back that all





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