Separation of two lover’s

The separation of two lover’s




Invisible and visible

Seems like there’s no longer us

We worked together but we can not take ends together

When time call I’ll wake up and leave

Don’t cry but I’m going for my rewards

Between you and I now there’s a boarder.


In the separation

Tears flowing to those who never wanted too

Hopefully we never wanted too

But always know that in that frozen blood my name is written like a tattoo.

Lying on the hottest of the earth with cold body.

Missing me yet we longer somebody


We been called by names 

Changes I am me now you’re you

I didn make it in some of the things because of you,

If I just go there and find gates closed 

Those eyes I know will always be closed

Working together was a greatest destiny

Wrongs and rights dealt with so many

Now I am going singing with harmony

All I know is I’ll rise up

Please don’t wake me up


I am asleep 

Died silence just like a slaughtered sheep,

There’s no more backwards but I wish I could skip,

Let me sing one more time

The separation of two lovers

Earth creation with it wonders

As we both know the winter hand is covered by a glove

But remember in order to be washed I need a glove to be removed


The separation of lovers 

If I rise again

If I rise on the other chain

Let me leave you clean

Yet I am dirty

Ages and ages

Pages and pages

Stages to stages

Final stage closed chapter no more page

I’ll rise on another cage

Resurrected to another position

Changes of my action


Goodbye my body

Say goodbye to my soul

We’ll no longer crawl 

Body and soul to be called

The separate of two lovers

The death of human being



IGCINA PROD-:21/03/13


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