To my actions

I’ve turned to play another position

You even assume a love potion,

Just a separation

I know I’ve promised you world

But I don’t awe world anymore

But I can promise tomorrow

I wish I could save that rain

By loving holding touching you again.

Your eyes with broken glasses

Your heart with broken pieces,



Trying to release

But with so much tears nothing to ease



She was hoping another chance

It was choice made by judge in court

Maybe I’m making a mistake that my thought,

“You’re my light to the future”

“Every time I take your picture”

“Only if you leave me now that means load shedding forever in my life”

Her words touched me

She knew my soft spot

With words on the map to my heart trying to plot,

She couldn make it

My respond to her save it

Just like a paper flying I was moving slowly

She went down on her knees

Trying to please

My hand was far from her she couldn touch me no longer.

Left her crying

Didn realize she was also dien

From miscarry our baby died same time 

Separation of me and my baby

Separation was for me and mother 

But it cause much mess

Lefted helpless to be called a murder

Those are the words from her mother


O Lord I wish I could call her soul back

Remembering last time when she begs


Separation*Tear ful*

Mimic how you reacted last time we chated



IGCINA PROD-:10/03/13


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