Spare wheel

Spare wheel


I read in between the lines

I realize I wasn welcome

Well I come home early

I do every mans job but not all the list

She doesn hold me atleast

She does women job but not at list

Smiling pretending that she does

The field where players gives tackles

Since I’m not I can’t tackle or attack

I’m just a spectator I set back

Every night sleepless listening to every sound of the nature,

Mosquitoes birds frogs and dogs

This was like being at freeway

Different sounds of cars that lefted me with scars.

She received like a office business call

I had to fall

Apart into pieces 

Looking for a peace of mind

But gold ring with a diamond remind

Reminds everything I said in front of the world,

Everything she said as vows

It all just vanish

The ran is on to the finish 

Who is she racing with

I felt bad to misbehave I am a Christian,

I don’t wanna drag my load down

If I fall in this marriage than let me be

God knows I tried but it was hard on this fire as I did get fried,

The steam changed my everything

The scars at my back are now tattoo’s

Never marry again that what I choose


Spare wheel that word still kill

Till the day I found something

When I asked her she don’t me this

“A car without a spare wheel can stand the whole day rather night in a freeway”

So I freeway,go away

Tears falling from a man I even broke my dad promise.

When he said”a man does cry but never let your tears fall in front of a women that weakness witness”

Spare wheel it was obvious there was problem with me that needed a spare

Which I was never been told unfair


Spare wheel,a marriage with a spare wheelm.




IGCINA PROD-:22/03/13


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