If only she can come back

If she can come back



Once I can see her I’ll smile


Her presence means more

I wish she can come back tomorrow

To see her smile again

To watch her walking along with me

Hear breath on my ear once she set her head on my chest.

A closed space in bed that been existing for quiet time

Chasing crimes of a heart

Speaking language of love

Hearing new names to be called on

Her eyes always on me like television

Televising the vision love is the mission

The sweat of my body her sweat goes with mine

As we gonna night diggers at mines

Just to create a diamond on this love

A spark between her heart and mine

Delivering Romeo and Juliet

That you and eye

You and I promising never let it go anymore.

Bridging gap between this years we been not together.

Angels and birds flocks we’re on the same feather,

Breathing love speaking love

Be the guitar that plays at night

Day time she imagines how we played and she smile

She won’t even think to for a mile

An ice in the mountains have been removed by sun.

The heat have just covered to two of us

Summer time

Celebration of anniversary


If only she can come back

We can celebrate every 10th June as a fortune.

Listening to this poem you tune

My voice will always play on your ear like a song on repeat.

If only you can come back

Yes If only she can come back I’ll smile forever.

Promise her instantly



IGCINA PROD-:22/03/13


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