Love in a washing line

Love in a washing line


We hang clothes to get dry

We hang love to reach wind as we got to fly,

Realistic is never cheat

Never lie

Being a material can cover 

Take parts just like playing position in field,

You have to defend evil

Strike with loyal,caring,trustworthy as it worthy,

Claim higher you’ll reach fire.

Let the tree break the leaves down

As soon as summer turn other greener

Lean on my should as we concrete

To complete we none to compete

Our love have much enemies

But plenty families

Those who expect us to breakup

We just became real for them this an alarm to wake up.

We’re everywhere breaking news

Left them confuse but breaking we refuse.

Now take my hand let walk again with imaginations

Before we go into the field for actions

See it clearly now we on a line

Our love is like clothes in a washing line,

It started wet now it dry we manage to put ourselves on.


Love in a washing line

Above in a wishing line



IGCINA PROD-:22/03/13


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