A fallen plate with food

A fallen plate with food


With difference pains 

Inside me razor blades cuts me

Rolling of my beat like a stone on a high hill,

Most of all it about a pain I feel

Following shadows at night

Looking for the best and a future bright

But a plate just fallen with food

I wish I should have understood

Being stupid is what I call myself. 

Nothing can be fixed

But with such pain received

Wishes to be relieved

Broken pieces on the floor

Locked outside the door

Food is all over with mixed broken glasses

It even shed over my spectacles

Such big obstacle in circles

When a plate has fallen down with food

Death of a family who’s been serving

A divorce of two married partner hurts kids

A broken heart of women with such love inside

That what I call a fallen plate with food

Soldier died from struggle

That my father who died coming from work

He was killed by thugs who are such bugs

A fallen plate with food,

Trying to collect the pieces but left my fingures bleeding,

That my soul in it crying


 A fallen plate with food that a loose of one important thing

Lose of food inside and a plate itself



IGCINA PROD-:12|03|13



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