I see curses

That has turned to be called blessings,

I hear sirens and smell blood.

I’ve seen the disaster 

How long is it gonna last

I see a bomb that soon gonna bust.

In those bullet proofs I see death

I’ve seen unhealthy death of billions people helpless

Because of my doctors and nurses carelessly,

I’ve seen my sister taking a picture with a bottle of hennessy,

I’ve seen the truth taken by the sea 

Confusion takes place as my eyes see

Cold grounds, heat in the towers

I’ve seen what have been taken into their powers,

I realize the illusion on confusion

I’ve seen killing as a passion

Money has been set up high for those who takes pension,

I’m walking in gravel I have not seen changes

But I’ve seen world changes

I’ve seen my brothers death for taking law in his hand that defence.


I just see disaster

I’ve seen a lot in this spot.

Looking the players play but spreading disease

If I had a gun I was gonna ask them to freeze

Street kids,abortion,orphan,single parents and hunger

All this things I’ve seen them with my eyes

Have you seen the truth?

Disaster disaster ,this are star

Brain washing they have not realize

Celebrity life sold souls

Death bodies from fire turned to charcoals

I’ve seen them think they are alive

As I leave this poem I’ve seen disaster

Yet you see this are star

Look up to the sky and open your eyes


Disaster,this are star




IGCINA PROD-:16|03|2013




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