He was not promising

But he was about to do it

If I didn make a clear choice

I would have fall like a coin

Well I just hided myself behind him

He was sent to make agree 

With my matriculate it unfortunate he pause my degree,

In white dress black plague

Diversity of my prayers mimic

Undefeated staring power of soul

I’ll never burn in hell

Giving a pen and paper you would be a star not so far soon you be known everywhere,

I disagreed with that I was suppose to die for that

Nobody says no to him and just like living in slave I’ve to say yes to everything,

The moment I was hidden behind him he sensed my presence in house,

When he turned on me I ran out like mouse

He chased me just a thug being chase by the police with their bull dogs,

The Lord is my sheppard I whispered I shall not want,

I moved forward

Running quickly on desert place nobody is coming or going where I was going.

Then I fell down while I was running and collapsed,

They took me and I was not feeling anything rather anyone around.

Until I was awake but I was lefted with a question did I agreed on him?

Did he get he wanted?

No he didn the moment you collapsed God of God came before him to save my soul





IGCINA PROD-:24|03|2013


[The Soul Invader]


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