Heaven gates

Heavens gate


Today call me the spiritual journalist

As I publish this spiritual news

You might as well left confuse

In middle of the night always hear dogs bark

They recognize what you won’t able see

I’m standing here blocked by tears

The world still fears

We’re on the board of the line

Everybody wanna go in but it not everyone who can make it,


Heaven gates the last state

A quiet place with order

Going inside it not the money now to afford.

He asked us to bring our loads

But insisted in giving away souls

Living but burning in charcoals

Sweating for the wrong path

Feel free to watch how you played in past

Poets did speak words

Writers wrote big books

Apostles came in but you chased them like a dog stolen a meat.


Heavens gates blocked by tears

I feel ashamed as their soul flames

If I should offer a word how they gonna make it to heaven they don’t listen the truth,

Let them stand in heaven gates

I’ll call one by one house to house

I wanna leave streets silence thieves behind bars

You asked for the daily bread

But you misused it the truth u refused it.

I see pastors weeping their faces can’t be dry

Watching artist falling in knees as they cry

A fallen bottle with a drink inside nobody can sip it anymore.

A sold soul is like that


Money can’t pay for the entrance now

It is just vanity all for earth turn to be on earth

Nowhere to take them

Let the lamborgini drives you to hell

Allow the music with wrong message lock you up in hell cell.

Let the spirit connects with spirit

Remember there’s a separation in the end

Heavens gates everybody wanna go in

But not having the ticket in hand

Everybody wanna go and watch soccer 

The problem they still having rugby tickets so far..


Heavens gates is open but the key depends on how you worked for you soul

As the death soon to call

Let hope you’ll never fall

Rather be poor financial but rich in spiritual

Killing,raping and stealing all over no ritual

It is made up of silver and gold no money to buy it.

Remember there’s death coming the end of the poem allow my words leaves you singing.


Heavens gates we begging while we in world 

How much more when we reach there

Let strike for reaching heaven singing with Bravo we gonna be there



IGCINA PROD:-22|03|2013




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