The liberality

Subtraction of clothes

Off to limitation

For this occasion

You so special

I never spoke to anyone like this

You changed my life

I failed to choose between you and God

Because you’re made in his image

If I see you is God

Forget those who claim to know better about us

Our love our hearts let focus

Just like listening to music

You make my heart dance

My fingures snap snap just to take step

I’ven smoke since I was born

But I do smoke your kiss and find myself high

Never drunk red bull but you do give me wings

Trip to heaven the walk for feelings

That all happens when you naked

Brown skin birthmark figure with small curves

You don’t need to be blackberry to have curve

I got a story to tell when you |naked|

Please just subtract those clothes allow me drink on your body just to loose my mind.

The minister ask to not drink and drive but with emotional I drive drunk in feelings

Fly with wings

Just be |Naked|and allow me feel this

Allow me touch this temple

Allow me lean on you this walls they’ll never fall but they’ll go with heart and fall in love

Please go go|Naked|traffic lights I’m on green part I am ready

Non virus you don’t have to scan allow me take a place to your slot.

Just to be on hard drive emotional plus physical


I’ll never test drive it is good condition drama horror let just give it action with passion

Let go -|Naked|-be the plough-handle and I’ll be a plough no matter how rough let enjoy the journey and lough



IGCINA PROD-:23|03|13




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