The day she said I love you

The day she said I love you



That the month I can still remember

Sunny day 

Butterflies kisses each leaf

This my one and I can believe

Industries sirens mosquitoes sounds

The sun holding the clouds

Cleared eyes when she looked at me

She took my hand 

Let go to the love land

Stand in between the waters like an island,

I believe

IB leave

In between that you and I in the hands of the nature.

Green grasses with an eye camera I take a picture,

Celine Dion is the guest singing I’m your angel

Yes,yes finally she has just fallen

Under this tree

Holly spirit must be the third witness

For us to vow this endless happiness

Crocodiles sipping and decided to take a bath

Mouth to mouth we speak the language of love.

There’s an eye that will be closed my man above.

We dressed in white gowns with gloves,

Just to satisfy this heart that been starving.

Lions in the jungle roar roar making a happiness sound,

We no longer gonna be hunted

But we are just secured and by his hands we covered.

For the first time we’re walking on a blood with white gowns

Red carpet China music is an alert

Rhythm of our hearts beats on the same flow.

I’m wiping you this tears of joy

Families just came to enjoy

Enemies tried to end joy

Today is the day she said I love you

With wooden ring I vow to stand as tree to cover you from sun and rain


I’ll never lie on you just to close your eyes as curtain.

We are climbing a ladder you gonna go first.

Witness this happiness

The trees are moving on a direction of the wind

Making it tune to be a fortune

Here is what I promise

Never lie

Never come home late

I’ll keep your heart with mine

Never let the third person to take part

Close the doors for the Devil in our hearts.


The day she said I love you

I said I love you too



IGCINA PROD-:24|03|13




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