•Their souls never rest•

•Their souls never rest•



You can’t separate peace from freedom Because no one can be at peace unless there’s freedom.

Souls walk up and down in and out

Around and far

They never find rest

That is a very biggest test

I’ve spoken words,you have spoken words,

May his/her soul rest peace

Well it never happened the body rest in peace,

But their souls never rest trying to find other piece

In the grave there’s a separation that takes place,

Where the soul got to leave forever

Remember the words taken by pastor when flesh is down in the whole,

Words overall you can think about that

There’s no part that involves soul

Soil to soil dust to dust

A flesh was formed into a dust

It has to go back to the dust

What about the soul God waiting for it

But since there’s a matter of loss

You’ll never find the rest until you finish the run,

How far are you very far can’t drive a car,

You still need to go back

While you need to go forward remember you have to meet him forward,

Going back is fixing

How long is gonna take you

Tell me how long is gonna take you to realize that you drive the soul with flesh into world vanity,

Now you have to fall nothing hold you gravity,

Re praise erase release

Their souls in death doesn find the rest

Throw away that rugby tickets

If you wanna go and watch soccer implicates,

Cut off the busy it easy

And focus on destination

Heaven in action now take position

Remember their souls haven find rest

You can be their savior

As soon as you become a survivor


•Their souls never rest•


DaSoulstriker Blaq


IGCINA PROD-:28|03|2013






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