|All I ever wanted|

|All I ever wanted|



The fear of loose

Stuck in the oceans of booze

Christmas greetings

Excitement forward me your heart

Touch me with your spirit

Hold me with your hand

Promise me you’ll never leave

Tell me how I could believe

Summer time winter song

You’ll never be long

Take time all I ever wanted

Look me in the eyes say this

Bless me with your smile

Just look back where we been

And you’ll see no one can take your place,

Always promising not to replace

All I ever wanted is forever

Still I dream and feel that

Promise me you’ll never leave me with the marks,

But you be always around to see your marks

There’s spark in my heart that I can not pretend 

Never take this for granted

Cause all I ever wanted is you

Swimming in pools of love surrounded by kind spirit

On my wall there’s a smile of you

If I could forget than I would be selfish

Kind of love given to me from nobody will ever do

I can not promise to go but I’ll stay as you stay in my heart,


|All I ever wanted|

Is you as you live in me


DaSoulstriker Blaq


IGCINA PROD-:28|03|2013






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