Death of me


Failure of building house on a rock
Winds blew and knock
Sleeping dripping breathing
My eyes closed
My soul travels a mile
As I am sleeping for a while
Looking at my back I see dirty
I just smell the filthy
How come God still look me as his
That what I’m facing right now
Living without a direction there’s no movie without a director,
Some how I’ve turned to direct and act
That why you find my name only when the lists goes,
Forfeit caused me out of agog
Trying so hard in this bed to beat air.
Pleasing holly spirit to set afloat
I might aswell save those souls sinking with this boat,
With sweat I’m gonna work for you father with pocket an affront,
I’ve learned that purity is always smart
Impurity is always stupid and risky,
Death of me I am HIV Positive
True that impurity hurt see how I fart
The bed can’t even feel my weight.
Smile to those enters and see me here those who hate.
Just need another chance to live
Another chance to believe
IGCINA PROD-:25|03|2013

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