Miserable moments

Conversation have ended

Our love has faded

Removing all what we have painted

Fire over my pillow

Bunch of roses trying to beg,

All you do is to hold me back

Goodbye is only what I don’t wish

Deep in oceans you the only I can fish

Bluzing into the yesterday

Tomorrow no more hands to lay

I know niggas don’t obey

But hey don’t let me see that beauty as something else,

As I see spirit of false

Vows have been cut off like tearing a paper,

Life wouldn be like yesterday as it not like today,

I have been missing us

I know there’s no wake up from

One last chance that can be not blew

Loving you I do lady that true

Goodbye is the last thing to say hey

Running over your back begging really I got a relay.


While everyone saw my mistakes

Here is the chance I take begging on my knees,

Don’t turn your dear please

Heart behind bars come release

A day without a sunshine

Dawn comes with the yesterday news

Still goodbyes left me confused

There’s a dryness in this world

Come back cover with the rain of your smile

Excitement as we hug come pull the plug,






IGCINA PROD-:26|03|2013






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