|I’ll roll like a wheel|

|I’ll roll like a wheel|



There’s a spirit inside me

Fire is burning beside me

Evil chasing behind me

But I’ll roll like wheel

Not forgetting the pieces of bottles

As much as I roll I need an overall

The name of the Father the Son and Holly Spirit,

I’ll sing these names with a repeat

My focus is on side mirrors

Just to not make errors

As I can see Devil driving behind

I’ll not reverse

But I’ll re-verse

Just to make sure I confess

O Lord come close and bless

I need to relax

As much as I need a real axe

I’ll roll like a wheel just to reach indoors

I know I’ll find road blocks

With no doubt and fearless my doors are locked.

Challenges won’t stop Evil won’t push me,

Since he is behind the more he pushes I am moving forward and roll like a wheel,

Giving him remonstrate

I know he won’t remorse but my spirit will ride me like a horse,

With doubt down I won’t fall with no force,

As I roll like a wheel

Jesus is a remembrance

Twelve Apostles were sent ones

Still I preach as the sent ones

Rendering the rules of mormans

The Father the Son and the Holly Spirit


|I’ll roll like a wheel|


DaSoulstriker Blaq


IGCINA PROD-:28|03|2013






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