|Let make Love|

|Let make Love|



Music on the playground

As we play around

The sound of our touch

Looking each other on eyes

I love you I realize

Let make love 

Touch me like your cell phone

Call me dial on my flesh

Feel fresh look at me again

And say this again

I love you,let make love

Sing me a song that I’ll dance on the flow of your singing

While we touching and holding

Just like a baby chasing a breast milk

Allow me chase it once for tonight

Look at me slowly with sexy eyes 

Tell me again 

I Love you,let make love 

Press my six pack like a keyboard

And I am willing to play

Comrade maradon I can race even a relay,

These marks of mosquitoes happened to be marks of your tounge,

Got us speaking spanish language

Building this from the rock

Knowing very well there’s no wind can blow it away,

Just like doves let make sounds and fly away,

Let make love

Our bed is the foundation

Let take position unlike a soccer player I’ll only strike as feelings hike

You’re playing a tough one defense

As soon as I come you meet me halfway,

Trying so hard to play a half ground

But still I don’t turn around

For passion and flair with my skills you can’t make it,

And surely I’m willing to score

Let make love lady

As much as you love me lately

Playing the whole field I can sweat

As much as we dressed on same kits

We both in the same colour as we sweat

Feel my heart beat

Boom boom boom boom


|Let make love|


DaSoulstriker Blaq


IGCINA PROD-:28|03|2013






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