~Soil to flesh~

~Soil to flesh~



I’ll always walk on top of you

And you’ll end up on top of me

That day I won’t be able to apologize

Yet you won’t realize

I don’t wanna die

I don’t really wanna lie

The heaviest load over my chest

Obviously that biggest test

And I won’t even pass

At least my soul could find a place

Where I won’t be taken by race

The place where everyone is a child

Nobody is gonna be working against time,

Or else against crime

I don’t wanna end up on that place

Well I can run away from the gun shoot

But this one I’ll go through like an radio input,

Whether I love my flesh or not

Whether I’m gonna be feeling cold or hot,

At least my soul shall find the place

If I end up in grave

I won’t be able to watch flowers growing on top of me,

Finally I’ll be able to close my eyes and not see the world changes.

May the storm not disturb this soil

All is gonna be fold more especial hands,

Lying on under this land


~Soil to my flesh~

Death relate with soil and flesh relate with flesh than flesh to soil,

I don’t wanna die that not a lie


~Soil to my flesh~


DaSoulstriker Blaq


IGCINA PROD-:25|03|2013






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