Allow me to go and purchase the moon and stars,

I’ll fall down under the sky patching your heart with scars,

Chasing unhealthy spirit

Tonight I propose the forever

Please never say never

Looking at your smile that brings sun and it heat on my flesh.

You don’t empty promises that goes with cash,

Tonight let chase the moon with kisses

Kiss my forehead and tell me something,

I’ll do the same and ask you something

Falling on knees making a speech unlike a politician

This one goes with a warm of my smile 

Read my lips and say yes

Ofcos I wanna write Genesis on your breast,

Tonight we gonna breath our beginning

Allow me write Revelations at the back of your head,

Unlike a coin no tail and head

I want us to sleep on this Revelations

For our thoughts and spirits to see the future as we both picture

Tonight let me set the light

Unlike street lights I won’t switch off but I’ll shine forever,

Even it can rain I’ll propose while sipping the nature,

Take my head and let walk in quiet streets

Where I’m gonna hear the sound of your heart beat

I know my speech is gonna bring heat

As much as you sweat Keith Sweat on the background promising nobody

The sound of the owl doesn fear us

The sound of the bat flying on top of us


Tonight I propose to this love

Allow me do it tonight






IGCINA PROD-:25|03|2013






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