~A very good chef~

~A very good chef~



I taste the pot with my mind

Even though my soul eats

And the feeds makes me fit

Always when he post 

I take my spoon 

Just to eat the smell of his pot takes me somewhere,

The place of peace

Where I see people holding hands

The place where kids are playing and laughing,

A very good chef

I eat the ink to satisfy my soul

My eyes are the spoon

My mind is the mouth 

And my soul digest

I eat every word he writes

He removes everything in hates

He is a stabber but he was never arrested,

He is a writer that why he never rested

His words stabbed my soul and leave the mark of fire

As he slashes so higher

Everybody knows he was sent by messiah,

Realistic he is the first Nelson Mandela in poetry Durban

Who have set the most poets freedom

Obviously I am please to his kingdom

Simiso Slashfire Sokhela

The hero of the heroes


He is a very good chef


~A very good chef~


DaSoulstriker Blaq


IGCINA PROD-:30|03|2013






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