|I wanna be free|

~I wanna be free~



A letter to the state

As much as I fate

Reminiscing hate


Rendering no peace


With broken heart piece


I’ve cooked my own pot but I’m not allowed to eat,

I’ve planted my own garden but I’m not free to reap from it

Fought for the country but I’m not free from rights

Freedom is not just a mind that needs to be free

They just fleshed yet close to ashes

We need to be freed from mindless 

We need to be freed from illusion

I wanna be free from prison

I wanna be free from civil wars

Just go and free those soldiers who lefted in CAR,

Everything got it reverse but not from universe,

Re-verse uni-verse


Just free them all

Kids from starving poverty

Free street kids from the street

If only you can free old age from rape

This thriller the rappers and killer

Are those who are free then tell me

Free yourself from Evil spirits

From religious,law,education and over all

Allow me out here and stand tall

I wanna be free

Just free some of the foreigners who lives with me.

I wanna be free President

They need to be freed from the above

These kids need love


I won’t be free if you’re not free

I wanna be free


~I wanna be free~


DaSoulstriker Blaq


IGCINA PROD-:30|03|2013








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