~To all my fallen soldiers~

~To my fallen soldiers~

Died from helpless

Did not come back because of hopeless

My hands are dirty

Tomorrow I’m turning thirty

Need a glass of wine am thirsty

I have sent prayers but they come back with nothing

Plague at night your voices

I needed to make some choices

Allow me to die in this cross

If I could open all sewarages

I’ll see their fleshes

Rest in peace to their souls

God please answer my calls

They needed to be buried

In their living they needed to be carried

To all my fallen babies

Known and unknown

If it because of my irresponsible

Than come on the dream and be visible,

At least to see your faces

On open spaces than I’ll hug the whole entire family

Sons and daughters please take them forefathers,

How heartless your mothers are they

Just come and pass and say hey

Butterflies in my mind as they hidden behind.

They shout hide and I’ve to seek them

Come to me soldiers

I am the father of the whole fallen

When ever I take a bath go in with me

Shower with the rain as it fall

Remove your mothers tears

They always bound by fears

To all my aborted children may your souls find place,

To all my fallen children keep your head up

Don’t forget to wake up

A written voice from the father

Hug brother and a sister be holy

Be solid I’m gonna set a place for all of you.

Abortion is not the better action

~To all my fallen soldiers~

DaSoulstriker Blaq

IGCINA PROD-:31|03|2013




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