~Treating me like a stranger~

~Treating me like a stranger~



To known but never be known

Hugging walls

Rejecting calls

You don’t call me what you used to call me,

Tell me you need me

Rather than making me feed myself that,

If I drink water and once fall out you wipe each drop,

Tell me you’ll never make loose hope

More than before,

Shave my armpit for me to not keep secrets,

Read my mind like a book

Live with my pictures and take a look

Treating my like a stranger

Kiss my forehead whenever I go to work

Pick me up whenever I feel weak 

Get me water when I feel thirsty

Give some time when I come late

Provide a space in bed don’t feel bad

Comfort with your hands from being tired.

Stop treating me like stranger

Let end danger


~Treating me like stranger~


DaSoulstriker Blaq


IGCINA PROD-:31|03|2013







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