~i am~

~i am~

~i am~

They can call me names
As long as I still remember
When you turn your back they whisper
Facing them they wanna shake hands
Just like in a meeting
Everyday we meet different people
I am the soul
That will never be stolen from the body,
I am somebody
Living in the flesh not longer
Still got a long journey to travel
It doesn matter if it tar or gravel
I am the flesh
Just like a bottle consisting drink inside me
Yes inside me there’s powerful soul
When the bottle breaks the drink inside flashes,
As well the flesh with soul goes the same route,
I am the house I look with windows
I speak with a door
Yet when I’ve to speak spiritually I must close windows and doors
I am the flesh that carries soul to temptations
I am the soul that is call a register book
As God up there look
I am what I am
I am what God wanted me to be?
No I am just a human who lost in living

~i am~


IGCINA PROD-:05|04|2013




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