|Only if|

|Only if|

|Only if|

Re winding is demanding
As I look back and smile
But it takes me a while
Only if I did do what you demanded me to do,
Only if I did show you that I wanted you,
Times back are misfortune
Preserved memories
Are like history books of centuries
You smiled I looked down
You winked I tooked straight my eyes on the phone,
I don’t want your number meet me on facebook was on tone,
As I look back I feel more love,
Was it a flirt or falling in love
This is sunshine over curtain
It too late only if we can meet again
How I can believe I was the first
Do I believe I was the last

Only if I took my time maybe I should have known better
Question occurs nobody can answer them except you

|Only if|


IGCINA PROD-:03|04|2013



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