The hands that holded me
Tightly didn wanted me to fall
For dinner supper you call
The love of you was tirelessy
You didn wanted me to stand carelessy
I was not gonna fall as much as I stand on your shoulder,
Power of your love that kepted me smiling alone,
The father abonden us but you pulled your sleeve up and said I raise another man to love,
How deep is your love
You told me I don’t need to grow to be a man but I do need grow as a man,
Your lessons I didn even failed any test you gave me.
Coming from school you hug me and kiss me.
You didn have a diamond cause you’re a diamond that I can always look up to,
The mines of love I dig your love
My mother who didn care when my father left,
Everything was right we pray every night
Stories you use to tell me I’ll tell your grandson,
Sitting inside the house or outside under the sun,
As much you wanted me shine
Your love
Your power
Your energy serving me
Your vision seeing me as a man
I’m sorry you wouldin finish what you started,
But I still pray and do what you told me to fast food,
You have taught the world by one man

My mother Patience Ntombenhle Mnguni
Dedication to the single parents
Who ran out of current
When it comes to raise kids like us
My love for all of you is eternity
You didn drop at work for meternity
Trying hard chasing poverty

The power of love from a mother


IGCINA PROD-:05|04|2013


My life|My back|My future


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