~With Hands~

~With Hands~

~With Hands~

With hands I kill
With em I can stand steel
Mine are dirty and filthy
And yours have time to point
Same time your fingures to be pointed to me,
With my hands I build my future
With my fingures I’ve painted a picture
A smile on your face I can feature
Inside you there’s an anger growing
Killing and stealing glowing
By your hands you can stop them
My fingures tight together as I pray
I’ll never kill as a rule to obey

Until you put a crown with your hands on my hand,
I’ll pass to the throne as much now the stones are thrown,
Medals silver and gold over a neck as a crown from the crown,
Just because of my hands
Brick laying stop playing.
Don’t stop praying before sleeping
As much as you’re high you’ll fall meet up half way down wards yet I’ll be rising.
Those who dumped me will be praising
Thanks to my hans who have build with potential,
Universe by universe speaking the word they beated be with their hands,
I had hands I couldn beat them back
Cause I was not sent to beat but to beat the trap,
With my hands I’ve built a house of your desire yet on my design.
Come let us hold hands
Hold hands to the peace
One brain
One gain
One world
One universe re-reverse
All I need now is one hand to build
One mouth to speak one ear to listen
One soul to survive
With hands I’ll save souls and save soil

~With Hands~


IGCINA PROD-:05|04|2013




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