~Living God~

~Living God~



Sometimes I do read the bible

Stay humble and focus

Lock spirit like door cars

Don’t let temptation remove my image

As soon as you read this page

Genesis 1:27

I am a living God yet living visible

Some how they call me invisible

You always call me and I’ll be available

I live in the flesh

Those who decide from never clash

I created you as living God

I didn ask your flesh to be like me coz I am not made up in flesh,

But I’ve asked the spirit of which it came into my own spirit,

Every darkness I always come with a torch to light your way

Those who call I reply

Those who lean they can re lie

Living in world I created with a vision plus a mission that you’ll return to me and smile together,

Temptation kept us distance

Evil music over rule all this dance

You’ll never get hurt

As soon as you see I am living God



your back

I’ve sent my son

I’ve sent those son sent to speak

What ever they sow you pick

I’ve given them the authority

Their words are such policy

If you’ve managed to listen to them you’ll see I am living God,

I’ve promised Abraham the world by using the living ones 

Yet I am a living God

I’ve sent my son long ago and he havn came back yet since the world haven end,

Call me I’ll be there for you to see I am Living God

They been Moses,John,Paul and others

They followed orders

And I’ve shown them I am living God

Lastly I’ve sent Twelve Apostles

 as much as you sue them never blame

    them since I am living God


~Living God~









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