Fooled by lies

Fooled by lies

Fooled by lies-Short story

Everlasting pain from an unhealed spot who might know I might as well die like a cockroach lying with it back,Promise is not an easiest thing to follow but well I believe we make choices with sight without consulting the keeper and observe which is the mind and heat,It was monday Morning I was working a night the moment I was going to work sunday evening didn felt like leaving but I was pushed by choice,Only to find I couldn work like I thought I was and I filled with slow down and headche on top of that so I asked for permission just to go home and rest ahead there’s a big test.

I always call home when I reach work either before I come back for them to prepare me something to eat,I am married for 15years with 2 kids 1 born and unborn,10years old son so we been together for 20years and we been married for 5years in this 20years,since my condition wasn not good so the compant vehicle took me home,3 o’clock in morning that midmorning the car droped me and I went straight to the house with my key in hand since I was not gonna be able to knock and wake everyone,

The streets were quiet and peaceful yet with lights and along the Forestry Dam the frogs singing their songs,in the house the melody of fridges coldness I tooked one step and another in that time I had another shocking sound it someone screaming the voice was familiar on my ears,trebling my shaking question with guess is it what I think it might,I took another step the voice is becoming more louder and the voice was coming on my son room what shocked me is that does my son date early I was angry and I pushed the door with sick energy

This is nightmare over morning this is my son room but I’m finding my wife with another man and my wife on top of the man,previously I used to be gangster doing house breaking,bank bombing and car hijacking,I’m still having my tool in this pain I didn wanted to cause trouble went out try to check my son,but I had a sound on my room that was him her mom locked him inside and he doesn sleep at all because of what happening in the house,Opening the room he was also shocked to see me but all I did I just hugged him tightly with rivers on my face rain fall on his face all I said to him “Everything happen for a reason I won’t let myself to prison”,In the house I kept a lot of money and I took my two laggage and we packed everything

I tooked the son with me one step outside the wife havn seen that I am in the house,And I decided to go and say goodbye to her with my gun in hand for safety outside when I come to that room all I found she was sleeping with cousin,tears on my pace steps at a slow pace breathing on a small space I thought to shoot but my heart was riding like a scooter,And it came back what I said to my son earlier and I said to both of them “May God keep this relationship and may the both of you be honest to those you surrounded,you still my blood and you still my wife until further notice”than I stepped out slowly my son was waiting outside

Empty promises my heart broken into pieces,I hugged the son again and we took a cab to the airport unplanned journey but I was willing to start a new life and forget about what happened by that morning,
Yes I was fooled by lies since the women I called a wife was pregnant the cousin baby but I’ve started a new life I forgive the past with it scenes and actions

FOOLED WITH LIES up until today I’m afraid to commit myself with a women I’m happy with my son yet he still remember that morning another nights I used to be away at home never be FOOLED AND FILLED

Written by DaSoulstriker


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