Sometimes we cover our faces 

Just like thugs in a robbery

Not realizing we taking a step back

Well allow me say already there’s lack back,

Who can tell the truth while they allergic to lies

Yet they’ll never realize

No more chickens who struggle from the bush

But everybody get an easy push


Justice I’ve come to found that to do justice is to be against the law,

And now it just ice that we call justice

Before I was told I’m guilty the person who told me am guilty was the one who is guilty,

How much money did I spend 

He’s already rich eish taking the bribes for me to rot in jail without a bail.

Our minds are like a car that has been mixed fuel with water,

Well fuel can’t allow the car to go anymore

Allow me say there’s no tomorrow

Their minds are twisted and they addicted.


Fear are those who lost key

Yesterday he signed for a taxi

I said yesterday they signed for tax

I don’t usually use my hands anymore except I write,

This is what my mother told me

Son if you wanna live peace

You’ll follow my words but if you wanna live in piece

Follow religious,law,soccer and politic

Remember the only one who tick

All the above got scandals and war

Than tell me where Justice fits


Lastly since you started social networks

How many black people have been influenced,

Many deaths and rapes 

We’re burning on a braaing stand

Nobody seems to understand

Today I’ve searched corners and boarders

Everywhere yet I couldin find when did justice existed,

But only to find it was only just ice existence

Truth fully resistance

This doesn take us no were but it just navigation to our early grave

Speak the truth and be brave

Death of justice rough this





POEM BY| DaSoulstriker 

YEAR| 20|3




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