My message to the Nation

|My message to the Nation|



I’ve come to save you

Because I neede you

All you did you didn take my hand since you take me for granted

Yet help was given for granted and you didn take it for granted,

Trouble cause the earth shakes

I don’t sleep at night because of earthquakes,

How many have you told me about the world end,

I agree the world does end

Do you see

The world that ends here is the show on broadcast

If you knew the marks on the grounds you were gonna just like a locust.

Death of human is the world end 

Genesis 1:27 can depend

If you knew about this what would you do about this,

Well if you can’t beat join them

We have not try to beat them but I assure we have tried to reach them.

How can electricity made up of water but in the house turn to be dangerous when it mixed up with water?

How come the danger begins in the house?

My soul will rest in peace but as long as I’m living I’ll never die living,

Seek first than you can be sick next

Trouble begins after while I’ve manage mine that troubles shall begins before death.

Than I shall be found next

Education is the key to success

Success comes to those who follow the rules while carried the tools.

Being leaded by the person who is not educated where did he find the key.

They hide and seek

Well this time they hide we don’t seek

but we sick.

Everything needs a license

Everybody needed a lie sense

You’ve been puted together with matchies in the matchies box,

Just to burn together as we stick

One black mind

One death mind

One lack remind

One truth behind

Don’t just sign with your hands

But resign with your hands.

I’ve come to collect piece before peace



|My message to the Nation|



POEM BY| DaSoulstriker 

YEAR| 20|3




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