My Potential

|My potential|


There’s a pain that be healed by a smile



As my heart beat crawl

Down on your knees I fall

For the love of your heart I call

The roses of my garden have turned me


offer me your hand

You’re my potential I hope you understand,

To the love land we fly like bees calling honey

All it didn matter is enemies gossip

As much as I offer my spirit go sip

Sunflower that me follow the light of your shadow.

Dreaming a husband and wife share door,

Burning in a love pot be the oil that can run in body.

Till I ask

this to nobody

When you

become somebody

That you my potential

You so special

Allow me to be the labour that offers the service of smile even a mile

Sow excitement every moment

As we rise like the sun

Flow like a river as much our hearts love is diving,

I can not promise stars you don’t need darkness to be seen

Remove the black cloud I love you that the only awaited sound

Just like a computer my mind thinks of you till I hard drive emotions and freeze

Only big love to be release

To you my ideal the only one I feel


|My Potential|



POEM BY| DaSoulstriker 

YEAR| 20|3




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