Can you dance?

~Can you dance~


I’m addicted to your beauty

Queen of my heart

That your palace

Your very special place

Remarkable moments

The socialize of flesh 



dance from the beat of my heart

Caller line is open everybody is calling

Sweating from that moment touching

Digging the grave to bury the semen

Hold me tight like hands in prayer till

you say

eh man

Temporary tattoos in flesh painted in red

Just like preaching you

wouldin allow me to end

this verse

Until you drive your emotions to reverse,

On sound decks disc jockey body low key 

Screaming on the dance floor

Behind the closed door

Fleshes are the attire the flame we on fire,

Can you just dance on my heart beat

Under the comfort you can feel the heat,

On microphone spitting saliva

Till we get over

Walls into crowd the root is the cloud

When you dance into my heart beat

Changes the move from the rhythm of my heart

Live performance I’m hitting the drum as you make the noise,

Play my body like a toy

Till we reach climax and the end of the song that takes so long,


Can you dance from the beat of my heart?


~Can you dance~



POEM BY| DaSoulstriker 

YEAR| 20|3




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