~My town ship~

~My town ship~



Around corners looking directions

Yet I see die actions

Wanna get in that ship

Ship of hopeless but happiness

You all gonna find it inside

Sipping blood celebrating death

Around I see people loosing breath

Obstacles surrounded us with circles

Are you looking for my town ship?


Come let me give you directions

First you’ll see street kids

You’ll along the side roads women

with short


Asking you in to the ship

Yet the sinking very deep.

Some are involved in relationships

Some are looking to make ends meet

That prostitution had to be commit

Are looking for my town ship

The most sinking ship

The titanic yes tight panic


On the floor u’ll jump the blood

That shed last night 

From someone who was killed 

because of cell phone

Blackberry black dairly

My prayers reaching the clouds

Lefted behind with doubts

O holly merciful Lord come save

Bring your life saviors with boats

With rains coats

Looking for my township


They drink everyday

Tavern are open yet graves are also open,

Digging their grave with misbehave

Sound play disturb our peace

On the road with jump piece of bottles

They were stubbing one another

From one place to another

Living to death

Directions to my township

Taxi rank u’ll find them smoking

When you 1rand is all they ask

Tonight is tonight they’ll be on the mask.


Directions to my town ship

A way to my township


POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR. |20.3



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