Over a mile
I can still see
Over the closed eyes
I can still see
Over a crowd
I can still choose you
Over a thousand souls
I can still pick you
As my soul provision
Picturing the giants of heavens gate
My eyes are in control of navigate
I’ll rewind the past to clear errors
I’ll look at your face to find my mirror
There’s something in common
Deep inside the sea that a moving fish
Inside my flesh there’s swimming love
Constant feeling that shall not be compare,
Eyes will never look other side to despair.
Even if you disappear your soul still appear.
Loving you with no fear
One tear taste good from joy let enjoy

I am in united with your spirit
I am sinking and swimming inside you
You’re the spirit
I am the spirit
We form love spirit


Poem by DaSoulstriker

Year :2013

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc


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