My virginity

~My virginity~



The pass has just called me

Should I answer back

Or lock back never look back

I can still see those black hands

Your voice give it to me demands

Yet loosing the diamond

Sometimes I still wish you could rote

in prison,

I am not getting babies you the reason

I am the reason for winter season.

At that stage I was blank like an unwritten


While thoughts lock up in cage

How can I close this page.

Nobody had to cry for me

Yet you still sitting in front of me

My kicks were week enough

Tide my hands with your as you laugh

How can I walk with pride without






horse I was ride

Lose of my virginity from an uncles responsibility,

I am prostitute it because of you

It not my will that I was an orphan

Offering yourself my body often

Morning night afternoon,

The same pregnancy you did to me I couldn

watch your child growing inside me

Never the less it still plague over the nights

I wonder how do you get peace there in prison,

You took my virginity

You killed my parents

You even made kill too

More than that I’m a prostitute

Because of the rape that took place when my parents 

were killed in front of me

Drugs is the only way to forget

Prostitute is the part of money to get


~My virginity~


Poem by: DaSoulstriker

Year. :2013

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc


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