~Before I became a father~

~Before I became father~




Back in the days when wrong

Was my hobby

Irresponsible on the other hand

My thoughts were small

Like a nut

I couldn figure clapping hands

Doesn mean you did well

But sometimes when doing wrong

You might find many people clap

Enemies bluff as times goes rough

They knew they should laugh

Didn had a weapon through wisdom

But I had a weapon through freedom

All was well 

When I stopped didn even do farewell

Swinging on a small rope

I was close to falling

Finally realising being old is not about age

But it about doing something that shows old,

August 07 changed it all when 

The tears of joy turned on my side

When I was told that I’ve found a brother

That when my baby boy stepped into the world,

To change my world too

that is still a mark like 


Back in days I didn do write

There’s no rubber to past

There’s no rewind in the history

All is well I’ve finally won the victory

The crown on

my head

I am 







All I wish is to go back and win mistakes

Before I became a father

That where I threw trust

Cheating didn last most rough cast

Before I became a father I was alone

Now I am someone to be called dad

Yes I am a father now


~Before I became a father~


Poem by. |DaSoulstriker

Year. |21•04•2013

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Arts (PSA)



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