~Love don’t cos a thang~

~Love don’t cost a thang~

Part 1


I kicked the door

As I wanted to beg for more

But it was never the same as before

Kneeled down but she hand me her

left hand like


yes she was

proposing me

to stand up

I stood up looking straight to the lence

But she has lost the best to control this 

love with lie sense

I tried my best to drive my heart to the love level but there was no experience of love licence,

I spoke the soft words you may think of

But just like a call over an ear I was switched off,

Her face was delighted by smile over a mile

Since she has met someone better than me

With such wealth in hand

She had a bracelet over right hand and golden 9CT watch,

Well what am I cause I’m a traditional guy who used to send her beads for hand decoration with my name and her name

It ends like this suits yourself smile like you never met me,

Sing like you don’t hear my voice within

Remember one thing I am gold in mine that had not accomplish the miserable,

Soon u’ll not be able dress with me in hand

Well it is obvious I was never the chosen

It was just the matter of practice for a learners to the licence,

My last words if love cost me a thing which means I was a fool to go a day to buy you a sun and a moon just for you to see everything around,

Telling me that you have given your pride for you run with this bracelets and watches,

Loosing your curves u’ll need me as torch along the dark

Love don’t cost a thang


~Love don’t cost a thang~


Poem by |DaSoulstriker

Year. |21.04.13

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Arts (PSA)



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