~Message to my mom~

~Message to my mom~





Separation of a soul and flesh

Have turned two of us distance,

I’m still capable to do this dance

That you taught me from

a younger


Miserable had covered me but I back down

I’ve managed to hold all with claw

Just like a tiger fighting battle

That I’m doing exactly

I know you asked to look after sister

But from the dark I don’t sea star

She had buried your rules

And that what you told us our

life tools,

She threwed all away

Running her own relay

You taught me respect,stronger,never fail

And that always on tail

Your rules are still the ocean I swim on

Yet I’ve became a mermaid diving with a tail for never forbidden them,

I sing them like a national anthem

All I can say I still live in pipes

Where I was born and where you died

Where your flesh and soul took

separate places,

I do cry on daily bases

I know you always say tears

doesn the matter instead

you need to scatter,

You’ll always be the queen mother

For the best you wanted for in education

I still wish you could serve that position

But never on the pitch,

Your grandson behaviour took the same as

yours for sure

since you the

queen so he is gonna be the king

I thank you for the moment you brought

I am still chasing the sun like winter season

Hoping it will rain benefits over summer,

I am still celebrating your birthday like it my own last day,

Right on my pillow as I sleep your Identity book on my head to keep your days,

The songs we sang together I don’t feel the missing voice only your presence is missing

but your voice is still singing,


~The message to my mom~


Poem by. |DaSoulstriker

Year. |21•04•2013

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Arts (PSA)



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