Through all the industries

This one never paid me a cent

Pain that all I comment

You cost me time

But end up lame

You have set yourself fame

But look ourselves we blame

Where is your conscious

Today you have set me curious,

Without you we loose a lot

Power energy blood in heart

You don’t look how much you hurt,

Show me your eyes


I will

show you my bruises

I’m the one who have been called a looser

Because I don’t fit in but you dress in me

and find myself get lose,

Your game is about pain and bleeding

Marriages are builded under your mask

I wish before I propose I should ask

Is this LOVE or some kind of game

Than somebody teach others how play

And how make feelings delay lies in display

In the shop you the only thing that I won’t buy

LOVE I’ve lost my daddy through

I’ve lost my mother HIV positive through LOVE,

If we all knew that LOVE died long ago and he lefted the twin LUST,

Majority falls for LOVE shadow but in lust mask they LOVE without ask,

I am single father because I didn identify LOVE,

If love is what we dress in red now I know it danger,

Red represent danger ask if you don’t know

Stop signs,blood,fire equipment,a burning charcoal on fire,

Which means we’re falling for danger 


LOVE resurrection will turn me back or death of lust




Poem by. |DaSoulstriker

Year. |22•04•2013

Jozi Poet Art Work INC

Pneumarella Society of Arts (PSA)



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