~Death of a rose~

~Death rose~




With a smile and hope putting water

Hoping for changes

but still look like yesterday,

When I put too much you get worse

I even thought you need more soil

But hey you don’t change

I even gave you a name ever smiling

Yet you always crying

While I’m watering the garden

Hosepipe over your whole body

But you don’t give me reason for doing this

I’ve removed the you from that place to a fertile place but still I don’t benefit,

I have given you second life in living

But you’re denying

O Messiah come save my energy

Come stop the addictive

She doesn cook she doesn talk to me

My dear daughter

I’m writing this letter for you be given by a doctor,

I fear the grounds I’ve place you on

That why you have became a death rose

Drinking and smoking you don’t sleep home

You no longer live under my testament

Each word I pass you wanna comment

The bible is the only facebook

That why I’ve tried to give you a quality status yet you don’t like,

This tears I cry I don’t want them to turn into a curse,

That you’ll never reverse

I remember when I planted you 

You were tiny I didn even had a small hand to hold but you grew up,

Yet today weeds have turned to be an obstacle

O my dear daughter for the love I gave you

Education I’ve tried but you don’t take it

How much do I’ve to put to bring back this rose from it reality sweets smell like a cologne,

I planted you closer to the gate to attract every passing person with your smell,

But it has turned opposite,

My daughter

Death rose from alcohol and drugs 

How much water? these are the questions to every prayer on the alter,

HIV Positive I still love you as my child




~Death rose~



Poem by. |DaSoulstriker

Year. |22•04•2013

Jozi Poet Art Work INC

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)



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