~I am a poetry warrior~

~I’m a poetry warrior~





I didn kill to have power

But I am a soul survivor

That sips ink daily

I deliver words fairly

Flesh by flesh through words

I speak mountains

For the souls to climb and leave loads

This one of my prayer

Like Jesus Christ I sit down alone

and speak to paper,

My spirit within while speak what within

I prophecy the tomorrow about today

and yesterday,

With this pen I am a father of everyone

Cause I feed them breakfast,launch,dinner and supper,

I live with the will of God

I was sent to preach poetry and heal

Resurrect death souls in living flesh

Sowing seed in soul just for it

to grow

through mind

And let my rain of words falls upon the garden flesh

Thunderstorm through your ears just to chase fears and demons,

Bringing hopes back to the moans

I’m an angel flying with wings of words

I don’t knock you just me dwelling inside you

I am a poetry warrior a hero

Revelations is what I deliver for you to have Genesis through beginning,

Through I call you to the alter for me to preach poetry,

Travelling through minds and souls that what I am, a poetry warrior



~I am a poetry warrior~


Poem by. |DaSoulstriker

Year. |23-04-2013

Jozi Poet Art Work INC

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)



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